Floyd County

Floyd County

Floyd County

County Formed: December 3, 1832
County Seat: Rome
Incorporated Cities: Cave Spring and Rome
Total Area: 513.3 square miles
Current Population Estimates (2009):1

  • Floyd County – 96,250
  • Cave Spring – 1,050
  • Rome – 36,031

Floyd County Community SnapshotHistory:2

Floyd County was formed from part of Cherokee County in 1832. Georgia’s 82nd county was named for General John Floyd, a South Carolina Indian fighter and U.S. Congressman. Rome, the county seat, was established in 1834.

Floyd County has two historic courthouses, both listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Other places of historic note are Rome’s City Clock, built in 1872; Myrtle Hill Cemetery, listed on the National Register of Historic Places and resting place of Ellen Axson Wilson, wife of President Woodrow Wilson; and the Capitoline Wolf.

The original county seat was designated as Livingston in 1833, the county seat was moved to Rome in 1834.

Points of Interest:

Cave Spring is known for its antique shops, old residences, and its namesake crystal clear springs. The town features Rolater Park, which includes the world’s largest natural springs swimming pool. Cave Spring is also home to the Georgia School for the Deaf.

In northern Floyd County is the $800 million Rocky Mountain pumped storage power plant. Generating enough power for 290,000 households, the plant pumps water to a 550-acre lake on the mountain top, channels the water down a 570-foot vertical shaft and through a 2,500-foot horizontal tunnel to a series of turbines inside the mountain’s base.

There are a number of museums in Floyd County including the Chieftans Museum, the Rome Area History Museum and the Eubanks Museum at Shorter College.

Located on the Berry College campus are the Martha Berry Museum and Oak Hill, the Berry family home, commemorating the school’s founder and major benefactor.

Notable Citizens:

Three Notable Floyd County residents include Martha Berry, noted educator and founder of The Berry School (Berry College); Medora Field Perkerson, author of the “Marie Rose” newspaper column; and Dr. Elizur and Esther Butler, missionaries to the Cherokee Indians.

Higher Education:

Berry College, Shorter College, Floyd College and Coosa Valley Technical College.

Annual Events:

Floyd County hosts a number of annual events beginning the year with the M.L. King Jr. Celebration in January. During the spring, Rome comes alive for Mayfest on the Rivers and the Memorial Day Celebration. In the fall, there is Heritage Holiday, the Chili Cook Off and the Floyd County Homemaker Annual Christmas Bazaar.

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