Haralson County

Haralson County

Haralson County

County Formed: January 26, 1856
County Seat: Buchanan
Incorporated Cities: Bremen, Buchanan, Tallapoosa and Waco
Total Area: 282.2 square miles
Current Population Estimates (2009):1

  • Haralson County – 28,890
  • Bremen – 5,663
  • Buchanan – 1,007
  • Tallapoosa – 3,087
  • Waco – 504


Haralson County was created in 1856 from parts of Carroll and Polk counties. Georgia’s 112th county was named for General Hugh A. Haralson, a U.S. Congressman and an officer in the state militia.

The old county courthouse, built in 1891 and now home of the local historical society, is a prime example of a public building constructed in the Queen Anne style. The clock tower was added in 1897.

Tallapoosa, the “Dogwood City,” was named for the river that runs through Haralson County. Tallapoosa is an Indian word meaning “Golden Water.” Tallapoosa is also known for having opened the first free school in Georgia in 1889.

Notable Citizens:

Some notable people from Haralson County are Speaker Thomas B. Murphy, who has held the office of a state Speaker of the House longer than anyone else in the U.S.; Whitlow Wyatt, a former Braves pitcher; and Leroy Almon, a well respected southern folk artist who has had work exhibited by the Smithsonian.

Higher Education:

Campus for West Central Technical College located in Waco.

Annual Events:

There are several special festivals planned throughout the year in Haralson County. These include the annual Dogwood Festival in April, the Waco Fest in September and the Christmas Tour of Homes in December.

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