Regional Digital Economy Plan

The Northwest Georgia Regional Commission is working to grow business, recruit and retain industry, and support local institutions with technology. With the support of the Georgia Technology Authority, the Regional Commission is developing a Digital Economy Plan for these purposes. Our goals are to:

  • Increase the benefits of and reduce the costs of using digital technologies
  • Identify common issues, needs, opportunities, problems, etc., that might be addressed regionally
  • Share best practices and other knowledge to increase use of, investment in, and benefits from technology

The planning process involves several steps. We have gathered input from local leaders regarding issues and priorities for the plan to address.

The Digital Economy Contest will recognize “Best Uses” and “Biggest Opportunities” for technology in northwest Georgia. A survey of organizations around the region will help us better understand how and why they use digital technology. Survey respondents will be considered for the “Best Use” and “Biggest Opportunity” awards, and will receive a customized report of survey results. We are working to develop partnerships with major technology companies to conduct technology events around the region, and survey responses will be used to select locations for these events.

Please complete the Organizational Technology Survey at

During the month of February we will conduct sector focus groups with technologists regarding the region’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. And, we will be having formal discussions with technology companies about how to best address the issues and opportunities in the region.

The plan will be rolled out in March. It is likely to address issues such as building a tech-savvy workforce and financing technology investments, as well as broadband infrastructure and services.