Northwest Georgia Regional Plan Update

Georgia Plans for Prosperity, Growth, and Investments in Infrastructure!


The Regional Plan is prepared under the Department of Community Affairs “Regional Planning Requirements,” 2017.  The purpose is to develop a vision for the future of Northwest Georgia, to identify priority needs and opportunities and a plan of action to address those priorities, and to provide guidance on decisions.  It addresses economic development, natural, cultural and environmental resources, infrastructure and services, housing, coordinated land use and transportation planning, and regional and state cooperation.

Required Elements:

  • Executive Summary
  • Regional Goals and Policies
  • Regional Development Maps
    • Regional Land Use Map- Developed, Developing, Rural Areas
    • Conservation and Development Map (Regionally Important Resources)
    • Areas Requiring Special Attention and Narrative
  • Regional Needs and Opportunities
  • Implementation Program
    • Performance Standards (Minimum and Excellence Standards)
    • Regional Work Program (Priority, Strategy, Actions, Timeframe, Partners, Cost)

The Process:

  • The first regional Public Hearing provides for input on the process: September 20, 2018
  • NWGRC staff prepares data analysis and initial maps for review and input: Fall 2018
  • A Survey of Regional Needs is conducted: Fall- Winter 2018
  • The plan is developed with input from the regional Steering Committee including NWGRC Council members, regional stakeholders and the public. This will include a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analysis.  Steering Committee meetings and three public meetings: Fall-Winter 2018
  • Once the draft plan is complete, a second Public Hearing will be held to present the plan to the Steering Committee and Stakeholders and to gather final input: Spring 2019
  • The NWGRC Council will transmit the draft plan to the Department of Community Affairs for review; on DCA approval, the NWGRC Council will adopt the plan by June 30, 2019.
  • Data, maps, and the draft and final plan will be posted on the website.

The Steering Committee for the Plan Update is formed of the Northwest Georgia Regional Commission Council.  The NWGRC Council members are listed on the NWGRC website’s Council page.

The Technical Advisory Committee for the Plan Update includes the following Council members, stakeholders, and NWGRC Staff members:

  • Boyd Austin
  • Steve Taylor
  • Hubert Parker
  • Mike Babb
  • Alan Dean
  • Robert Jones
  • Rhonda Wallace
  • Michele Taylor
  • April Rogers
  • Patrick Vickers
  • Annaka Woodruff
  • Elizabeth Smith
  • Justin Kilgore

NWGRC Staff:

  • Ethan Calhoun
  • Joseph Davidson
  • Delmos Stone
  • Kevin McAuliff
  • Gretchen Lugthart
  • Shane Holden
  • Chase Holden
  • Julianne Meadows


Regional Plan Update DRAFT Maps


2013-2033 Regional Agenda & Maps:


Regional Plan Update Meetings & Information

Northwest Georgia Regional Plan Technical Advisory Committee Meeting
November 30, 2018




Northwest Georgia Regional Plan Public Meeting
December 18, 2018





Northwest Georgia Regional Plan Steering Committee Meeting
January 17, 2019



Northwest Georgia Regional Plan Technical Advisory Committee Meeting
January 17, 2019






Northwest Georgia Regional Plan Workshop
January 22, 2019



Northwest Georgia Regional Plan Steering Committee Meeting
March 21, 2019



Northwest Georgia Regional Plan Technical Advisory Committee Meeting
March 21, 2019