Impact of COVID-19 in Northwest Georgia Businesses

Each year, NWGRC prepares the annual report on the implementation program of the  Northwest Georgia Regional Plan according to Georgia Department of Community Affairs Regional Planning Requirements.   This Draft FY21 Report includes an annual Report of Accomplishments for FY 2020, a report on Local Government Minimum Standards, and additions or deletions to the current work program.  This Draft FY21 Report will be reviewed by the Northwest Georgia Regional Commission Council and regional stakeholders including representatives of the Georgia Department of Community Affairs and Georgia Department of Economic Development.  The Annual Update is in alignment with these state and regional plans:

  • Georgia Plan for Outdoor Recreation 2017-2021
  • Coosa-North Georgia Regional Water Plan (2017)
  • Metro NGA Water Planning District Water Resource Mgmt. Plan (2017) (amended Dec. 2020)
  • Middle Chattahoochee Regional Water Plan (2017)
  • Northwest Georgia’s Economic Development Strategy 2017-2022 (CEDS),
  • Greater Dalton Metropolitan Planning Organization FY2018-2021 Adopted TIP, 2045 Regional Transportation Plan Update Chattanooga Hamilton County-North Georgia TPO & 2020-2023 Transportation Improvement Plan, Cartersville-Bartow County FY 2021-2024 TIP, Floyd County- Rome 2018-2021 TIP, Atlanta Regional Commission MPO FY 2018-2023 TIP Project List, Georgia DOT Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan 2018-2021 & 2021-2024 Draft
  • Georgia Mountains Regional Commission 2019 CEDS & Regional Plan
  • Three Rivers Regional Plan Update 2019 & FY20 Annual Implementation Report

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Dalton Transportation Survey

Published on Feb 22, 2021 in Publications

This survey is for the study “Improving Accessibility in Rural Areas: Expansion of Whitfield County Rural Transportation Service” conducted by Elisabeth Staten and Dr. Abhinav Alakshendra for the University of Florida under the department of Urban and Regional Planning. The goal of this study is to estimate the need of public transportation in Dalton and the residents’ willingness to ride public transportation.

2020 Annual Implementation Report on NWGRC Regional Plan

Water-Related Educational and Outreach Resources for Georgia

Woodward Creek Watershed Management Plan

Northwest Georgia Prospers – Regional Plan 2019-2023

Catoosa County Joint Comprehensive Plan 2011-2031 (Amended November 2019)

Gilmer County Joint Comprehensive Plan 2020-2024

2019 Educational Seminar Agenda
Georgia Emergency Response for the Water Sector- Amy Rammo Kuhs GAEPD
Post Development Stormwater Management in Georgia- James Moore
Reservoir Management Plans- Brooke Anderson
USDA RD Water and Environmental Program Funding- Jack Stanek
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